Adidas #GlencyIsOriginal

Adidas-3227-GlencyPerhaps you guys dont know but many of my friends call me “Glency from the block”, and not exactly because I look like JLO (I wish, jajaja) the real reason is because of my insane passion for sneakers. How can you not love them? They have the best of both worlds: comfort and style. It is amazing that something that emerged randomly (There was no difference between the right and left foot, was one size only) became indispensable in our day.

It is impossible to talk about the growth of sports shoes without giving credit to German Adi Dassler (Give the name a second glance) who in 1924, globalized and commercialized sneakers, becoming one of the pioneers of the industry to develop new technologies. This was not enough for Mr. Dassler and for 1936 Olympics teamed up with Jessie Owens, to become one of the first brands to sponsor athletes during the games. Owens won four gold medals with his Adidas, representing the spirit of the brand and making it clear to the world the philosophy that defines it.

We can only imagine how good it felt to both this success, but now I feel as happy and super excited to tell you officially: I am an ambassador for Adidas, one of the most admired and respected brands not only for me but all over the world. A brand that is not only a sports shoe rather a legacy. A brand that has essence, that drives you to be #Superstar. Fortunately today I join this family, which has shown me that the important thing is to always be the best version of yourself, be original. #GlencyIsOriginal

Adidas-2707-Glency Adidas-2889-Glency Adidas-2918-Glency Adidas-2927-Glency Adidas-2974-Glency Adidas-2990-Glency Adidas-3048-Glency-2 Adidas-3118-Glency