Best Highlighters

Hey my girls and guys…. (Can’t leave them out, lol) Today I’m going to share a new section that I had a long time wanting to do and never made the time to do so. I love to try products, my girlfriends, say one day my face is going to fall off for trying so much things on. Thanks to my job I have the opportunity to receive samples, gifts and collaborate with great brands. As a result of this I wanted to do this section because there is a lot of speculation with the bloggers and their “suggestions”.

Many people believe that every time you recommend or talk about a product its because they pay you to do so and that’s NOT true. Once I laughed my heart out  when I read a comment where I recommended something from Amazon and somebody commented; Of course, you recommend it because Amazon paid you … Amazon DOESNT pay me, I wish it did. I will be COMPLETELY honest; YES, I work with brands, YES there is money but farmost I respect my community and I respect myself. I’m a madwoman reading labels, goggling info and trying to find the “cleanest” products.

So this little obsession of mine encouraged me to share my favorites with different brands, because it is very unlikely to use, ALL of the same brand. To make things even clearer, I’m going to give you an example: I work with Makeup Store that I love, but it’s NOT real that it’s the only brand I use to do my make-up, if I told you that I’d be lying to you. So here it is #GlencysFavorites where I will share my favorites in fashion, beauty, even a little food. Also on the day that I publish I will share a Live to test the products with you so that they have a better idea of what I ‘m talking about and interact.

I hope it’s useful!!


Higlighther Holy Grial.

Glow, glow glow, one of the favorite words when it comes to makeup. The highlighter is undoubtedly a “must” this season. Responsible for that subtle “sparkle” that gives Jlo that glow, yes we must give the credit to diva of the Bronx. I declare myself a fan!!! I like to wear it on days that I don’t feel like putting on makeup. I’ve tried so many, that I can call my self a highlighter tester pro, jajaja, today I share my favorites.

Bobbi Brown Bronze Gold: This is a powder highlighter is ideal for giving a light shine, but without screaming. Shout out to my friend @GiaDespo who gave it to me as a gift. By the way follow her for makeup tips.

Get it HERE

Nars Illuminator Orgasm: This is one of my favorites, it gives light mixed with one of the most famous blush colors of all time, ORGASM. Extra tip, you can mix a little with your foundation and finish with a nice glow all over the face.

Get it HERE

Stila Liquid Luminizer: Perhaps one of the first illuminators I tried, it was recommended by my friend Kryzaida, (follow her as well, great style) and became one of my favorites. A liquid option that easily slips to the cheekbone.

Get it HERE

Makeup Store TELLUS: I can’t shut up with this pasta illuminator. I love its texture, its flash of color and finish. This must be the one I use most of all.

Get it HERE P.S If you live in Santo Domingo in Agora Mall there is a store.

Marc Jacobs Spotlight is a stick that allows you to place the brightness right where it should be. It is a pearl shade that gives the perfect light; I like to use it when I do not want wear makeup. It is these products that make the difference and are worth the splurge.

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