When you try to do it all…


Wow! It’s been soooo long; I do not even want to actually check when was the last time I talked to you guys on my blog. I’m sorry and apologize for my absence. I had several weeks thinking about how to make my “comeback”, until today (or yesterday 12:54 am) I decided that it would start writing and period. Today I will be completely honest with you and tell you that the reason for my absence has been for being in more things than a person can handle properly. When you have so much going on for sure you’re going to neglect on something, in this case the blog. It’s like driving on the freeway and talking on the cell phone, putting on lipstick, texting, snapping, cleaning a coffee that you just dropped, follow your Google map, singing, putting your seat belt on, crossing a lane and not crashing, all at once. Lol just writing made me dizzy.

The truth is that these last 3 years have been incredible, I look back and I can only thank God over and over for what he has done. However not everything is picture perfect and I want to make it clear: NOT EVERYTHING IS PICTURE PERFECT. If you, like me, are struggling every day for your dreams, know that there will be bad days, I mean very bad. There are days you want to send everything to hell. There are days that you simply “are out of it”. All this is normal, success is not a goal, it is a journey and it takes a lot, but a lot of effort. So if you are struggling to stay “sane” and not go crazy and sometimes feel stunned, calm, breathe and keep walking. If the love for what you do is big enough, these moments of frustration will simply be “moments” and if you realize that frustration is greater than satisfaction, look elsewhere for what moves your soul. All this without ceasing to enjoy the present, without forgetting to live and not being so busy with what is coming that you forget to enjoy what you’ve accomplished. * (Guilty for all of these pointers above)



Detalles del look: Chaqueta de Mecca/ Correa de Gucci/ Cartera de Jorge Bischoff/Lentes Celine/Zapatos Christian Louboutin 

Well my people, you know me, when I start talking I cant shut up. Just wanted to chat with you and tell you that I will try to be around here more often. Thank you for the love and support always.

P.D Please tell me what you want to see here; fashion, me writing less, tips, travel; it’s your call.

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